Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Grace Charis

While Grace Charis has some new golfing uploads that show her swinging in slow motion, tapping the ball in and strutting away happily – she also uploads a flashback video that gives us a little insight into what baby Grace looked like. Check it out:

Grace Charis Likes It!


Dressed in an orange tank top that dips low and black tennis shorts, Grace has her tennis visor on as she struts toward us in slow motion. She smiles as she passes us before the clip shows her lining up and then swinging hard! As always, she sends the ball flying! She captions the video ‘I liked it.’ 

Grace Charis Is Having A Flash Back 

Giving us a little flashback to her past, the video starts off showing several photos of Grace in 2015. Let’s just say – she’s still cute but definitely more on the nerdy side (especially the one where she’s wearing glasses with her hair up in a bun!) But suddenly we get a ‘now’ clip where Grace is wearing a cute pink top (braless of course) with a Hawaiian, giving it her all as she swings her golf club and then smiles big as she walks by. What a difference a few years can make!

We’re Obsessed With Grace Charis!

The clips starts with Grace on the green – about to put the ball in. As she concentrates, the popular TikTok voiceover says ‘me – obsessed with you? Why, yes, yes I am!’ Grace manages to tap the ball in and jumps up and down with glee and we can only agree that her giddiness and perkiness leaves us obsessed with her too! It then cuts to show Grace giving it her all as she swings her club in slow motion before smiling and walking away.