Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Grace Charis

What do we love more than Grace Charis’s sexy golf outfits? Her enthusiasm and excitement when she taps the ball in. Check her out: 

Along For The Ride 

Grace shares some video footage of herself playing golf in Hawaii. The clip starts off with a man in a golf cart who says ‘if you want to learn how to play golf – don’t.’ Then we see Grace in a purple top and black skirt as she talks us through some of the holes. On the first one she says she’s going to try to hit it in – without hitting the people watching the waves. Then on the last putt, she taps the ball and yells at it to go in and then jumps up and down enthusiastically with joy as it does indeed go in! 

Match Play

Grace Charis

Wearing a black tennis skirt and a red halter top, Grace poses on the green with one hand on her visor and the other hand holding her club. She’s smiling wide as she looks up and off to the side. She captions the photo ‘Match play anyone?’ She looks playful and a bit cold! 

Skilled At Golf

Wearing a blue top and a black skirt, Grace is filmed slowly putting the ball in. And although it’s windy, she says ‘oh my gosh, oh my gosh,’ on repeat and throws one hand up in the air as the ball slowly goes into the hole. She then looks at the camera with pure excitement before the video switches to a clip of her hitting the ball at full speed. She captions the video ‘Is it a lucky putt or am I just that skilled at golf.’