Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Grace Charis

The hilarious Grace Charis is at it again, this time uploading three very different but comical TikTok videos. With more than 48M likes on her TikTok, she knows how to keep her fans coming back (giggles and jiggles)!

Grace Loves Golf Dads

Grace is wearing a low-cut halter top and we can see the outline of her nipples (it must be cold on the golf course)! She’s sitting in the golf cart sipping out of a straw. The text on the video reads ‘you’re tweaking if you like golf dads.’ She stands up, walks toward us and mouths ‘I’m tweaking,’ with a huge smile and a bit of a smirk.  

Golf Is Therapy 

Wearing a low-cut red halter top that shows off her perky boobs, Grace looks at the camera and lip-syncs to a voiceover saying, ‘I don’t think you understand that you are my therapist.’ The video pans out to show her speaking to her golf clubs before she says ‘hello, hello, are you even listening?’ 

Always Ready To Go

The video starts off with text that reads ‘our tee team is at 8:00 am.’ Initially we only see feet as they walk toward a bed, then the camera pans up and the person behind the video pulls down the bed covers. Voila – Grace is lying down wearing sunglasses, a golf visor and gloves. She’s got on a tiny golf outfit and her round boobs are squished together making them look like two giant watermelons. She’s cold but ready to go!