Sun. May 28th, 2023
Hailey Rae Ostrom

Golfer Hailey Rae Ostrom has some new Tiktok videos that show her doing what she does best – lining up her ball and sending it flying! Let’s check out her latest golf clips:

Pretend Masters

Wearing a tight light blue skirt and a long sleeved grey top, Hailey starts the video talking about the Masters, which is starting this week. She says since she can’t play in it she’s going to pretend that she is! She then hits the ball and sends it flying with a digital red line showing us exactly where it goes: super close to the hole! Well done!

Take A Bow 

Wearing the same outfit as in the first video, the clip starts off with Hailey lining up her golf ball. She then takes a big swing and the ball lands right next to the hole. She turns to the camera and takes a bow – amazing talent!

Golf ASMR 

In a video that Hailey captions ‘Golf ASMR,’ we get to hear the quiet sounds of the golf course and the beautiful swish of her swinging her club. As for our visual stimulation, Hailey’s wearing a white skirt that makes her toned legs look bronzed and strong.