Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Hanna and Haley Cavinder

Basketball pros Haley And Hanna Cavinder love a good lip-sync and jiggle and more often than not you can find them dancing in their basketball jerseys. In some new clips though, they’ve incorporated their hot mom! 

Hot Cavinder Mom Cameo

Wearing their basketball uniforms, Haley And Hanna proudly show off their mom who stands in between them as they spin her around to show that she’s wearing a jersey that says ‘Cavinder twins’ and has both their numbers. Their mom is just as hot as they are. The apple definitely doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Mom And Hannah Average The Same Amount Of Points

Shooting to the song ‘I get it from my mama’ Hannah and her mom go round for round on the basketball court. Their Mom ends up getting the same amount of points as Hannah and looks just as good doing it! The twins caption the video saying that their mom taught them everything they know.

Thanks For The Support 

Decked out in their basketball uniforms, Haley And Hanna have their hair pulled back as they both lip-sync and dance to Boss Chick. They caption the video ‘thank you all for the support this season’ and the comment section blows up with talk about their latest match.