Sun. May 28th, 2023
Hannah Palmer

With 2.2 million IG followers, blonde bombshell Hannah Palmer has a loyal fan base who love to watch her latest stories, posts and videos. Here’s a roundup of her latest uploads:

Everything’s Better With Friends

Hannah’s wearing a pink sweatshirt with matching shorts. She’s with a friend who’s in a light purple sweatshirt and matching track pants. They both lean back and pose a bit. Hannah even lifts up her top to show off her abs, before they hug, sing and dance to the song playing!

Jean Machine 

Hannah Palmer

Wearing a very form-fitting jean jumpsuit, Hannah stares confidently at the camera with her mouth slightly open. Her zipper stops right below her cleavage, giving fans an excellent view of her chest. She captions the photo “Back to my roots.” 

Orange To Blonde

Hannah is pictured wearing a low cut black dress, and she’s smiling with her lips glossed. Her hair is a deep orange color in the original pic, but then an filter goes across the screen that changes her hair back to her original blonde. The orange must have just been photoshopped, as Hannah captions it “Thought about it, but my personality will always be blonde.”