Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Hannah Palmer

With 2.2M Instagram followers, Hannah Palmer is a Fashion Nova ambassador and style queen who is drop-dead gorgeous. She commands the camera and loves to promote her latest looks. 

All The Angles 

Modeling a new Fashion Nova outfit, Hannah holds the camera close to her face as she lip-syncs along with the music playing while also moving around the camera showing different angles of her look. She’s dressed in a teal busty top and mini skirt paired with tall black boots. She looks dreamy with her lips glossed and the color of her outfit makes her light eyes pop out. What a dreamboat. 

Leather Look 

Standing in front of a mirror taking a velfie (selfie video); Hannah shows off her striking figure dressed in long, loose black leather pants and a black leather push up bra, that really pushes the pups up! Her hair is straight and her pointed heels peek through the bottom of her pants. What a statement look! 

In The Desert 

Hannah Palmer

Sitting in front of a natural looking pool in a photo captioned ‘in the desert,’ Hannah’s sitting on a rock modeling a black slinky dress with thin straps and a major slip. With a plunging neckline she’s bent over – touching the back of her legs – while looking at us. She looks sexy and sweet and ready for a night out.