Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Hannah Pearson

Hannah Pearson loves a booty workout and always shares her top training methods with fans. In some new videos, she’s showing how much she can lift and the results speak for themselves. 

Working Buns

Wearing running shoes, high socks, short tights and a white sports bra (that shows off her bare back) Hannah looks fabulous as she’s weight lifting at the gym. The video starts off showing her peachy booty in front of huge weights. She then proceeds to lift them up! From there it’s a video compilation of her wearing different tights and lifting weights using various machines. It’s a very impressive and her bootylicious fanny is popping throughout the entire clips. 

Upper Body 

The next class starts off with Hannah showing off her peachy buns and a light blue tight workout outfit. She models her bumpy figure before a series of short clips that show her working her upper body. It’s really motivational and sexy at the same time.

Peachy Selfie 

Hannah Pearson

Taking a gym selfie, Hannah stands sideways in front of a mirror wearing brown tights, and a matching sports bra. She’s flexing her arms and sticking her booty out. It’s very clear that she’s proud and all the effort in the previous videos have really paid off. She’s strong, toned, confident and bumpy in all the right ways. We bet she can kick some serious booty.