Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Hannah Pearson

Hannah Pearson is in LA but that doesn’t stop her from skipping the gym. In some new uploads she shares with us some of her vacay (which is mostly at the gym)! 

Pink Vibes 

Wearing pink tight shorts and a matching sports bra, Hannah walks on screen and bends one knee to pose while looking back at us. Her booty and leg muscle looks strong and very toned! She plays with her hair a bit before the clip shows us a front angle of her where we can see her abs and thighs as she pulls her tights down to show us her belly ring. 

Gym Routine 

Sharing some of her gym routine, Hannah shows us what she does to get her booty on fire during leg day. She’s wearing blue tights and a matching sports bra and lifts weights, does hip thrusts and steps ups. As always – very impressive! 

No Rest Days – Even On Holidays 

In a tutorial style video Hannah’s at the gym – of course, where else would she be? She lets us know that she’s in LA and she’s not taking any days off. Her commentary is really funny before she starts her work out – she talks about how American food and almost everything American is on steroids. From there she gets working as she lifts weights and continues making jokes about Americans and also her juicy glutes.