Sun. May 28th, 2023

Harmony is an OnlyFans and TikTok influencer from Colombia. She loves to lip-sync and show off her assets in bikinis and dresses. Here are her latest posts:

Velvet Green Dress


Looking sensually at the camera, Harmony’s wearing a long green and white velvet looking dress that has a huge slit that runs all the way up her leg – showing off her delicious thick thighs. We can see her leg tattoo and her cleavage tattoo. Her lips and eyes also look very sultry. She captions it (translated): ‘You don’t need anyone but you to shine 💖.’

Shower Share

In a black and white video, Harmony lip-syncs in the shower wearing a tiny bikini top. With the water running down her face and chest, she angles the camera so we can see her girls, her tattoo and her sweet face.

Stick Out Your Tongue

Once again lip-syncing, Harmony’s got on a green tank top and she’s holding the camera so it’s angled up at her face. She sings and moves her head around before sticking her tongue out, that’s in unison with the lyrics of the song. She looks naughty and playful!