Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Mikayla Demaiter

The Canadian hockey goalie, Mikayla Demaiter, has an hourglass frame to die for! When she’s not on the ice she loves to show off her figure in short shorts or plunging tops. Check out her latest uploads: 

Hair Flip

Wearing big black stilettos with a strap around her ankles, Mikayla stands with her back facing us – showing off her long legs and cute booty in a short pair of jean shorts. On the top, she’s wearing a long sleeve green top that shows off her belly and dips love to expose her girls. She turns around to face the camera and flips her hair aggressively before putting her hands on her hips. 

Lady In Yellow

Wearing a stunning white skirt and matching top and blouse with yellow flowers on it, Mikayla playfully models to the song ‘She’s A Lady’ by Tom Jones. Not only is the skirt short but the top squeezes her naturally large watermelons. As the video zooms in a bit on Mikayla she plays with her hair and you can notice how blue her eyes. Fabulous! 


Mikayla Demaiter

In this next photo, you can really see how curvy Mikayla is as she stands in front of a mirror wearing a short dark green skirt, matching bra and little jacket. We can see her busty frame in the mirror along with her wide hips and long legs. You can also see her tiny waist and perky booty. She pouts and leans her head to one side – looking serious but sexy.