Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Andreea Dragoi

The Russian athlete and model Andreea Dragoi shares some gym clips with fans – letting us know how much time she puts into staying fit. This professional swimmer is always giving it her all!

She’s Going To The Gym

The camera angles upwards and shows Andreea wearing bright, turquoise tights, white shoes, and a white sports bra. She’s got on huge white headphones and she sticks out her leg and shows off her gains. The video changes between small clips of her showing off her figure and posing in the gym. The overlaying text says ‘Be every man’s dream. The woman who knows what she wants and will do the hard work to achieve it.’ The song playing in the back says ‘ she’s going to the gym.’ 

The Days Of The Week 

In a video compilation, Andreea showcases a bunch of clips of her working out, swimming and flexing her muscles at the gym. The song playing in the background says ‘Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – Bad b*tches have bad days too – Friday, Saturday, Sunday.’ Her point? She’s always game to work on her fitness and is proud of her workout lifestyle.


Wearing a purple t-shirt with her hair in a high ponytail, Andreea films herself holding the camera high above her head. She’s lip-syncing to the song playing and as the song says ‘oh my’ the camera transitions over to the side and suddenly Andrea’s wearing a blue swimsuit and has her hair down and make-up on.