Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Emily Bright

Australian hottie Emily Bright plays around with some trending TikTok voiceovers as she uploads three transformation videos where she goes from casual to chic and shows off her long hair extensions. 

Kill Bill Transformation 

Wearing her hair down and a casual white top with a sweater draping over her shoulders, Emily holds up a makeup brush and lip-syncs ‘and when I arrive at my destination…’ and then throws her makeup brush in the air and catches it, ‘I’m going to kill Bill!’ Then there’s some suspenseful music and boom – Emily transforms into a night look wearing a cute black top and matching skirt. She then continues to bop along to the music while twirling her makeup brush. The video is fun and cute and great acting on Emily’s part!

You’re Thinking About Me – Aren’t You?

Wearing a white tube top, Emily follows along with a trending TikTok voiceover and says ‘No, I’m with Asami.” The clip then switches to her in a black black outfit as she acts out a different voiceover saying ‘yeah but when you’re with her you’re thinking about me aren’t you?’ She crosses her arms and smirks at the camera. 

Playing Dangerous

Sitting in a car with messy hair, Emily mouths ‘Do you have a girl? I don’t see a ring on your finger?” The clip then jumps to her all dolled up – with hair extensions and makeup on, as she answers ‘well, that’s interesting. Have you ever thought of dating a singer?’ The voiceovers come from Lana Del Rey’s song ‘Playing Dangerous’ and Emily does a fun job of acting it out.