Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Gabriela Moura

Gabriela Moura is from Rio de Janeiro and loves to dance. While most of her TikTok videos are of herself dancing (and believe us she’s great at it) she also enjoys a good pool day. She’s got 9M followers on TikTok and 1M on Instagram!

On Beat

Wearing flower print pants that fit loose and a cropped black t-shirt, Gabriela looks stunning as she dances around to music playing. It looks like she’s in her apartment and her dance goes along with the lyrics – she bounces her hips when the artist sings bounce and she claps when he sings clap. She’s vibing the beats and looking great while she’s moving! 

It’s A Wrap

Wearing a bright pink bikini top and jean shorts that brings out her tan, Gabriela’s dancing to Mariah Carey’s It’s A Wrap. While moving her hips she throws her arms up one at a time and circles them around her head before doing a little hip movement to the beat. Gabriela really knows how to pop along with the music and makes it look effortless. Fabulous job!

Tell Me Lies

Gabriela Moura

Sitting on a beige lounge chair wearing a light purple bikini, Gabriela looks like she’s in a boho chic living room as looks at the camera. With one hand she’s twirling her hair, while the other one supports herself on the back of the chair. We can see her arm tattoos and the sunny weather behind her making us envious of wherever she is! She captions the photo ‘tell me lies make it sound good,’ and we wonder who she’s thinking of.