Sun. May 28th, 2023
Ines Trocchia

Model Ines Trocchia never shies away from bikinis or attitude. In some new posts, where she looks amazing but also calls out some shady men, she’s got us drooling and cheering her on. Let’s check her out:


Tagged in the Maldives, Ines is standing at a resort wearing a one piece red bikini that has holes all throughout it. She looks at us and waves for us to follow her. She then hops down to the beach while playfully looking behind. Once there, she throws her hands up and twirls. 

When He Pulled You…

Wearing a green bikini, a huge black sombrero and some cat-eye sunglasses, Ines lips ‘boy I am done with you,’ while the text on the video reads ‘when he pulled you…so now he thinks he can pull anyone he wants!’ Whoever she’s talking to – bad move brother, she gone forever now. 

Not Your Babe

Ines Trocchia

In case you haven’t seen this one yet, Ines is kneeling on a carpet in light blue lingerie. Her hips, legs, stomach and chest are all bare as she flaunts her smooth skin while holding herself up on one elbow while her other hand is in her hair. She looks naughty – but nice. She captions it ‘not your babe.’