Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Ines Trocchia

Model Ines Trocchia has been busy – this month alone she’s been on the cover of two popular magazines! Sharing that, and a fun TikTok revenge video, we love to see her updates. Check them out:

Ines Trocchia Is Heartless

Sitting in a car with the camera angled down, we see Ines in a blue and white polka dot top that’s low cut. Her one hand is cupped around her ear as she sweetly smiles up at us. The text reads ‘From ‘Die For you’ to….’ and then the photo is replaced with a video of Ines in the gym wearing black undies and a tank top with no bra. She’s slowly walking toward us, one foot over the other as the text reads ‘Heartless.’ Hubba hubba

Marie Claire

Ines Trocchia

Posing on the cover for Marie Claire, Ines showcases some new images that have her looking heavenly. In our favorite of the bunch, Ines is wearing a black evening dress with a swooping neckline and a high slit. The dress has silver rhinestones for straps that dip down around the top part of Ines’s chest and the plunging neckline. They also run along one side of the dress. Her hands are behind her head – elbows out as she parts her lips and looks passionately at us. Her hand is blown around her neck and hair – making it look like a hot mess. 

Another Cover For FHM Magazine 

Ines Trocchia

Modeling for another fashion magazine, Ines is leaning in front of an antique dresser with one of her legs up on a chair. She’s wearing pointed black high heels, black panties and a leopard print corset. Her hair is curled and her chin is slightly pointed up – giving her a F U attitude. She looks hot and powerful!