Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Ines Trocchia

Ines Trocchia knows how to turn heads. The Italian model and social media star now has 1.5 million subscribed to her Instagram – chances are, nobody’s going to forget this video.

Always Impresses


Posting from a stunning mountain setting with jaw-dropping vistas, Ines enjoyed the view while offering her fans another one. She stripped down to a plunging underwear look while also lifting up her sweater, this as she dedicated her post to a well-known brand. Much like fellow model Hilde Osland, Ines is part of the micro-influencer crowd promoting apparel label Fashion Nova.

Major Mountain Views In Her Undies


Footage showed the brunette flaunting her eye-popping cleavage as she went very deep-cut in a luxurious black bra with matching panties. Ines posed from an outdoor terrace area all adorned with a shaggy and white faux fur rug. Backed by stunning peaks, the bikini bombshell sizzled as she drew attention to her curves, also reminding fans that her workouts are paying off. Ines added in a cable knit sweater, but with the knitwear yanked right up, the focus was far more on the lingerie. Swinging her hips slightly, Ines also toyed with her dark locks while sending the camera a smile.

Instagram’s Bikini Queen?


Competition is fierce amid Instagram’s swimwear faces, but Ines might be on her way to winning the race. Ines didn’t grow up with Cali girl culture, though.

“I come from a small town with a humble familial background that had absolutely nothing to do with this industry,” she told Women’s Fitness, adding: “Some people might say that big dreams only belong to people who are born in the right place. I do not believe that, anyone can dream really big as long as you are ready to fight and work for it.”