Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Ines Trocchia bikini

Model Ines Trocchia shares some new TikTok videos with fans. With more than 100K likes on TikTok, fans don’t mind if she’s modeling or following recent TikTok trends – they just want to see more of her! Let’s check her out: 

Desert Vibes

Standing in the dessert, leaning her hips to one side and her shoulders to the other, Ines is mid photoshoot as she poses in a black bikini with long black boots. She’s got one hand on her hip and the other hand up over head – blocking the sun from her face. She looks confident as the camera zooms out and then transitions to other clips of Ines modeling in the desert. She captions the video ‘desert vibes’ and tags/promotes FashionNova.   

Focus On You

This next video is captioned ‘Focus on you, until the focus is on you,’ and it starts out unfocused and we only see a blurry outline of Ines posing and playing with her hair. The image slowly comes into focus and we see Ines modeling a black bikini with a white throw-over and mountains in the background. We love the vibe, her posing and the message she’s sending! 

Album Cover

Following a fun TikTok trend, the video starts off with Ines wearing a red bikini and walking on the beach. The voiceover says ‘proof that not everything can be an album cover.’ The video then snaps a photo and turns it into an album cover. The next clip does the same but with a sunset, followed by Ines eating spaghetti, followed by Ines running up to an elephant and then posing in an elegant dress in a busy European street. Her point? Actually yes, everything can be turned into an album cover!