Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Jackie Love

Jackie Love is known for her bounce, her jiggle, her ‘weapon dropping’…and there is no sign of her slowing down when it comes to sharing that content! She likes to share her heavy assets in post bursts. Jackie will post several videos in one day, then wait a couple days before dropping a new video dump. She’s posted a bunch lately, so let’s dive on in! 

Jackie Love Does Some Balcony Bouncing 

Here we see Jackie in one of her classic outfits. She often wears this tiny, white crop top and colorful printed pants. She’s out on a balcony and the words, “Dance if you’re going into 2023 a virgin” are on the screen. Fans aren’t buying this for a second, lol. Jackie almost seems to laugh herself as she starts to dance, almost losing her top in the process. 

@princesss_jackie♬ Boy’s a liar – PinkPantheress

Jackie Love Says “How Do You Know?” 

In this video we see Jackie is all black. A comment is on the screen that says, “ You’re never gonna get a bf bc of what u post online.” She leans into the camera letting her puppies hang and bounce and she yells, “How do you know?” Fans seem to have zero problem with her content, and actually want to know where they can sign up to date her! 

@princesss_jackie♬ original sound – FOLLOW ME NOW

Mirror Bounce 

This video is only 7-seconds, but it’s a fun share. Jackie is riding solo in a bathroom, again in her all black attire. She’s clearly feelin’ herself in this one, as she watches her reflection bounce up and down in the mirror. She’s all smiles, and we are too! 

@princesss_jackie♬ original sound – jamari

Hands Up, Jackie! 

These last two posts are of her claim to fame trend. She’s “droppin’ her weapons’ yet again! Shining and practically spilling out of her top, she’s giving fans her bets bounce. Here’s what they had to say:

“you are someone to keep forever”

“I agree she is someone to keep forever”

“I love them things”

“wow those are nice”

“I love 💕😘💕😘”
“I love you 💕💕😘”
“I love you 💕😘😘💕”

@princesss_jackie♬ original sound – nicolesunshine

@princesss_jackie♬ original sound – nicolesunshine