Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Jackie Love bikini

Jackie Love is at it again – jumping and shaking around for her fans. In her recent posts, this TikTok mama shows off her assets as she prances around in a deep-cut summer dress.  Jackie has 2.9K TikTok fans and about 18.7 million likes on the following videos: 

“Hey Mom…” 

In this video, Jackie is standing with her back towards the camera, wearing an almost see-through, white and yellow fitted dress. A kid’s voice can be heard saying ‘hey mom,’ and Jackie turns, whispering ‘what,’ to reveal the front of the dress – which has a long slit and a low-cut top. 

The boy says ‘hands up,’ and Jackie puts her hands up. He then asks her to drop her weapons and she jumps up and down – as her boobs jiggle in circle motions. Her son shrieks, ‘eww mom’ as she smiles. 


Jackie Takes Off Her Shoes 

In the same dreamy yellow dress, Jackie is filmed running toward the camera, where she then takes off her shoes and socks. Once they’re off, she puts her hands on her waist and then shakes her shoulders back and forth in a fun, happy dance. Not only do her knockers look phenomenal, but she’s wearing cute glasses that give her a somewhat wholesome look.  


The Shirt Lift

This next video starts off with Jackie wearing a low-cut purple top as she lip syncs to audio saying ‘”whatever they decide I couldn’t do – that’s exactly what i did.”

The video then cuts to her in a string bikini bottom with a black t-shirt overtop. She smirks at the camera as she lifts her top to reveal some of her underboob.