Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Jen Selter

Fitness enthusiast Jen Selter is at it again as she films several workout clips, looking sexy as hell! While Jen promotes a healthy lifestyle (she sells a workout fitplan and shares healthy recipes on the daily), she’s also into fashion and looking and feeling good. She hosts a private Facebook group for women where they can share their fitness goals. Let’s see what she’s been lifting lately:

Splits In The Rain

Post (or pre) workout, Jen is looking incredible as she’s out on the balcony. It’s pouring down rain and she’s casually doing the splits. Her hair is wet and she’s looking up. She’s wearing a small bikini which makes her bootylicious butt really pop out.

Butt & Leg Day

Using a dumbbell weight, Jen does a series of squats and leg workout. She’s on a balcony with a beautiful ocean background and she’s wearing a blue and black flowered bikini. She has the most amazing booty and we’re lucky enough to get to see it in action as she trains. 

Bubble Butt And Arm Exercises


In this next work out clip, Jen is wearing pink tights with a matching bra. She has two dumbbells and she’s squatting while lifting weights. She’s angled so that her bootylicious bum is facing the camera. The next clip is of her just doing a few different arm lifts. It ends with her modeling her efforts as we get to see her showing off her butt, legs and arms. Well done!