Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Jen Selter

Fitness enthusiast Jen Selter has some fun new motivational videos that show off her gains and give us a little look into her morning routine. 

One Sweat Away 

Wearing pink tights and a pink bra Jen has her hair in two braids as she squats with huge weights on her shoulders. The text over the video reads ‘you’re only one sweat away from a good mood.’ The video continues to show her working out and her glutes and commitment are super motivational! Well done!

Sunset Views

This next video starts off with Jen in a handstand with her legs on the railing of her balcony. She’s only wearing a thong and bra as she brings one leg off the railing and stretches it out past her head. She looks like a ballerina during the performance! 

Good Morning 

Starting the video off wearing white pjs, Jen quickly rips them off to reveal a pink bikini. She poses around – giving us all the angles – while her dog jumps up on her. From there we see her making a smoothie, eating some fruit (or jello) and working on her computer – all while wearing her bikini! What a life!