Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Jen Selter

Jen Selter is a fitness queen who loves sharing her recipes, morning routines and tough workouts. In a few of her latest morning posts, we get to see her working out with her dog in a bikini – let’s dive in:

Leopard Print Everything  

Jen shows off her love for leopard print in a cute morning routine upload where she goes from wearing her purple leopard print pjs to a leopard bikini in a quick jump. She then makes a smoothie in a leopard blender and lays down a leopard print towel before stretching her long legs out into the splits. Her dog comes for a quick snuggle and puts his paws on her back and booty. Her booty really pops out and we get some nice close ups of her stretching it out with her dog playing on her. 

Ripe Round Booty

The next video is basically a continuation of the first video except that we see Jen doing much less – which is fine by us – because we get more time to check out her booty! She’s in the splits with her front knee bent in – wearing her leopard bikini. Her booty is popping out and looks very ripe – so much so that her doggy climbs up it and licks her back. 

Morning Routine

The video starts off with Jen in a skin color bra and undies (hubba-hubba – we can see her entire toned body!) She quickly puts on tights and a sports bra and then gets to work by lifting her one leg straight up. From there, we see her working out on a Stairmaster where she lifts her legs back (showing off her round rump) and then stretching with her legs open over a yoga mat (again exposing her popping booty!) All the work she’s putting into her morning routines is well worth the effort! Thanks for letting us watch!