Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy is at it again, promoting her new reality singing show ‘The Masked Singer.’ Just as the name suggests, the show is about singers who dress up in costumes and masks to hide their real identities. We love that Jenny’s on the judging panel, and as a result, a lot of her recent videos are of herself all dolled up – promoting the show. 


With her hair in high pigtails, Jenny’s wearing blue and red shorts with fishnets underneath them, paired with a crop top and a matching blue and red jacket. She’s rocking this Harley Quinn look perfectly! She’s got on a studded collar and a matching studded belt and holds a baseball bat. The video is in freeze frame so we see her posing about, until she stays still and then the image of her kind of slides overtop. It’s all very psychedelic and she’s promoting her show ‘masked singer.’  

The City That Never Sleeps

Wearing a gold dress, Jenny’s got her long blonde hair crimped – making her look like a lion goddess! She’s typing at a computer and her own voiceover says, ‘there’s nothing like New York city and I supposed the same could be said for the masked singer – the food, the celebrities, the rats, an unpredictable world waiting for you just beyond your door.’ Another actor then interrupts her and says ‘hey Jenny,’ she ignores him and goes on pondering about the city that never sleeps until the clip switches to the show’s logo.  

Abba Night

Wearing a pink frayed romper that looks like it’s from the 70s, Jenny’s dancing around dragging peace signs across her face as the text reads ‘Abba night tonight on masked singer.’ She has her bangs curled out and looks amazing as the clip creates multiples of her that dance behind the original image and then turn into mandalas. Again it’s pretty psychedelic and she looks like she’s back in the 70s.