Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Julia Rose bikini

Julia Rose knows how to get fans to hit like!

Getting Cheeky In Bikini Bottoms

The model, girlfriend, and Shagmag founder is now followed by 1 million on Instagram – chances are, she racked up a fair few followers with this post. Julia posted to showcase her sensational figure while also soaking up the sun. She also kept her look skimpy by posing in a white crop top and matching bikini bottoms.

Desert Energy In Swimwear

Posing from an undisclosed location, Julia opened strong and showing off her shapely and toned legs, plus her bootylicious rear. Going super high-cut as she gave reality star Khloe Kardashian a run for her money, Julia made it mostly skin in her thong, also flashing her butterfly tattoo – it’s on her torso’s side. Julia rocked the cut-off trend via her loose-fitting crop top, also going sleeveless as she posed barefoot and amid desert rocks. Further images showed the blonde beauty striking various poses in her hot location.

Meerkat Vibes

The closing image brought in a little glam as Julia showed off a pale pink pedicure. In a caption, she wrote: “Channeling my inner meerkat.” Fans have left over 120,000 likes. Julia has also opened up on her social media content – turns out, she doesn’t care if people don’t dig her stuff.

Doesn’t Care What People Think

Per Elite Daily, the star has stated: “I found this niche of being one of the first girls to post more risque content, like bikini photos, on Instagram. People either really loved it or really hated it.” Julia also told the outlet: “No one was pushing the boundaries on social media [back then] or pushing the censorship around a woman’s body. That was what grabbed people’s attention.”