Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Julie Rose

Julia Rose went unbuttoned for a massive tease on Instagram – not a post that fans have forgotten.

The model, businesswoman, and girlfriend to Jake Paul is followed by 1 million on Instagram, and one update has been turning heads. Julia thrilled her fans by showing off her figure and upping the ante as she unbuttoned her pants. She’s also gained over 88,000 likes for the 2022 share.


Unbuttoned In The Bathroom!

Snapping a selfie, Julia flaunted her flat stomach and hints of her cleavage while in a chic and modern bathroom.

She posed surrounded by slate gray wall tiles and in front of a white faucet – chances are, eyes were on the blonde’s killer figure as she drew attention to her trim waist and gorgeous tan. Julia wore a skintight and bright blue crop top, adding in a slouchy blue jacket worn open, plus a pair of denim jeans. The latter were very much worn unbuttoned as Rose also rocked the belly chain trend adored by mogul Kylie Jenner and model Hailey Bieber.


Gazing into her smartphone, Julia also rocked her long locks down and a little curled. “Leaked my own camera roll, link in bio,” she wrote.

She’s Taken!


Julia might come with an army of male followers, but the 28-year-old is taken.

“We grew an appreciation for the bond we had and realized we’re not going to find this anywhere else. … You’re my person and I’m yours,” she has said of her boxer beau, per Elite Daily.

A Southern Girl


Julia also revealed not having been allowed to wear a bikini until the age of 18.

“I’m a Southern girl at heart, who grew up in the middle of the country,” she continued.