Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Kara Del Toro

Kara Del Toro put on a massive curve show in an Instagram share that’s turning heads!

The Texas-born model and influencer delighted her Instagram followers with a sunkissed glow and a little shirtless action. She posted in an open jacket while going braless, also opting for unbuttoned jeans as she shared a little self-confidence moment.


Taking A Moment To Thank Herself

The photo showed the  Guess model standing by a plain cream wall as window shadows, plus sunlight, bounced around her.

Showing off her jaw-dropping cleavage and also her flat stomach, the Instagram star delighted her 1.8 million fans – she posed in a slouchy and acid-wash blue denim jacket with a white collar while also in matching jeans.

Kara used one hand to clutch her jacket as she drew attention to her chest. Meanwhile, another hand gently tugged at those unbuttoned jeans. Fans have left over 43,000 likes as Kara wrote: “I’d like to thank me.” A like even came in from Ireland Baldwin.


Stripping Down To Undies!

Kara continues her dealings with fashion brand Guess. She has since posted in polka-dot undies while holding a bunch of white roses. “Be mine,” she wrote, also tagging Guess.



A Big Believer

Kara is attracting media attention, and everyone wants to know what she’s planning next!


“I’m a big believer in the law of attraction and manifestation. The biggest pinch me moments in my career are the ones where I knew that I consciously manifested each goal. I had Guess, Carl’s JR, YSL, VS, and Harper’s Bazaar all on my vision board prior to working with those brands. Now, I have new goals that I’m looking forward to manifesting,” she told Gotham.