Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Kitana Young

Kitana Young is an OnlyFans and TikTok sensation. She loves to show off her yoga asanas and is extremely flexible. While she’s generous with what she shares, we can only imagine what she’d be like behind closed doors! 

Coochie Stretches

Lying on her back – on her bed – Kitana has on grey yoga pants and a matching bra. Her legs are open and her knees are bent up to her chest. Looking at the camera with rosy lips, she smiles as she pulls her feet up stretching toward her head. By doing this we can see the shape of her lady flower along with her butt crack and cheeks. 

Deep Taco

Wearing the same thing in this next video as the previous one, while lying back on her bed, Kitana lifts up her legs high over her head. She almost seems to pout at the camera and looks at us willingly as she moves her arms behind her knees and stretches out deeper. Again we see the outline of her cheeks and cha-cha. She captions the videos ‘my fav yoga pose.’

Scissor Stretching 

In the last video, Kitana smiles at the camera as she’s sitting on a bed with one leg crossed over the other. She’s wearing a bra and briefs. She leans back on the bed and stretches one leg out while keeping the other one curled up. It creates sort of a scissor pose and we get to see between her legs – and some serious cheeks – while she stretches out.