Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Kitana Young

Our sassy yoga teacher, Kitana Young, is playing around again showing us some of her favorite poses. With lots of groin shots, it’s hard to choose a favorite. Check her out:

Arm Stretching With A View

Wearing a white tennis skirt (with attached white shorts underneath), Kitana sits on an orange yoga mat with her legs wide open. She’s got on a long-sleeve white top that cuts low down the front and shows off her belly. She’s not wearing a bra and we can’t see her face, only her groin. She then stretches her arms to one side before switching to the other and then stretching them behind her. As she stretches we can see her nips through the top and their shape. 

Scissor Stretch

Wearing long blue yoga shorts and a matching bra, Kitana is lying sideways on her bed smiling at the camera. She’s got one leg bent behind her and the other one in front of her, creating a scissor look. She stretches her bottom leg up by her booty and  then lifts her other leg high up over her shoulder. She is insanely flexible and we love the crotch shot we get at the end – not to mention the site of her laying playfully on the bed.

Cobbler’s Pose 

Sitting on her bed with her feet touching each other in Cobbler’s Pose, Kitana’s wearing tiny black tights and a loose t-shirt. She smiles wide at us before leaning back and adjusting her feet so that they’re closer to her kitty cat and she’s exposing it up outward toward us. She smiles as she rocks back and then jiggles a bit. It’s very welcoming! She captions the video, ‘Yoga with me!’