Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Kitana Young

Kitana Young knows the importance of staying fit and stretching – especially first thing in the morning. In recent TikTok videos, she showcases her morning stretches, yoga and workout routine with fans. It’s got our mouths watering:

Legs Open Stretching 

Kneeling on a bed in white yoga pants and a hot pink bra, Kitana has her legs spread open. She twists her stomach left and right and captions the video ‘morning stretch.’ With her big juicy lips, toned stomach and sultry look, she’s got her fans drooling. 

Crotch Yoga Routine 

Sitting on the floor, Kitana starts her yoga routine by placing her left leg on top of her right knee. She then moves up and down, giving us a complete shot of her crotch. She’s wearing her hair in braids and she looks at the camera while biting her lower lip and smiling.

Squat View

In the last video, Katina is kneeling with a resistance band around her knees, she’s facing away from the camera so that we can see her booty. She’s wearing black shorts as she slowly squats up and down – giving us a nice close-up of her tushie.