Sun. May 28th, 2023
Kitana Young

While Kitana Young usually has some yoga clips for her fans, she’s switching it up and sharing some new clips where she dances and teases us. Let’s check her out: 

Ready To Walk 

The video starts off with Kitana facing away from the camera wearing a short skirt and tiny crop top. She sways back and forth and holds a leash behind her back. She then turns and we can see that the leash is attached to a collar that she’s wearing around her neck. She slaps the collar against her knee before she shakes her finger no. 

Light Reading 

Kitana Young

Reading has never looked so good! Sitting on a stool with her legs open, Kitana forget to put pants on as she reads a big pink book. She’s got on black high heels and a sheer black top and we can’t really see her face. Her legs look long and toned.

Morning Stretch 

Lying down on her back on her bed, Kitana is wearing a black tank top with shiny beige tights. She’s got a big black choker on with a studded heart hanging from it. She lifts her legs up to stretch them and then brings them closer to her face – giving us a bit of a crotch shot. She then pulls her legs closer and shakes her finger no.