Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Kitana Young

Kitana Young is a lean hottie with large lips. She loves to share yoga poses with her followers and stretch with her legs open and buns out. 

Butterfly Shot

Wearing silky white tights and a matching bra, Kitana is lying on her back, on a bed, with her legs spread open. Right away we get a crotch shot as she erotically looks at the camera. She then goes into butterfly pose by kissing her two feet together and leans back. 


With the camera angled on the side, Kitana is kneeling on her bed in blue yoga shorts and a matching bra. Her lips are painted pink as she opens her legs further and bends her chest down. She looks like she’s in a doggy pose and by the way she licks her lips and slowly lowers her bum down, we can tell she knows the position all too well! 

Booty Workout 

Bending over with her exposed rump to the camera, Kitana slides a resistance band on above her knees and then starts squatting! She does one deep squat before doing three smaller squats. Of course, the camera is angled up so we get the entire rear shot! Thanks Kitana!