Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Kitana Young

Kitana Young is all about yoga and deep stretches. With long black hair and juicy lips, she’s got a solid fan following of over 100k on TikTok. Let’s see her most recent poses: 

Kitana Young Does Casual Hip Openers

Sitting on a couch, Kitana’s wearing beige yoga pants and a white tank top. She’s got a huge smile on as she grabs her two legs and pulls them up above her head and makes a wow face. She looks extremely casual even though the pose is anything but! 

Kitana Young Does A Back Stretch 

Chilling on her bed wearing white undies and a loose grey top, Kitana faces away from the camera but looks back over her shoulder. She then brings her hands to touch behind her back, before bending forward into a deep back stretch. 

Kitana Young Does Arm Stretches 

Wearing an orange one-piece that rides high on her hips, Kitana’s back is facing the camera as she flexes her booty and then stretches her left arm over to her right side followed by her right arm over to her left side. She then brings her arms in front of her on a wall to stretch out her chest.