Sun. May 28th, 2023
Kitana Young

We know that Kitana Young loves to move her body – since she’s almost always creating yoga content with deep stretches and extended legs. However, in some new uploads, she’s also getting her groove on as she shows us some of her dance moves. Let’s’ check them out:


With her one hand on the wall, Kitana is standing and looking back at us. She’s wearing a long sleeve black flowered dress – that is pretty short – as she slowly rotates her booty in circles. We see her cheeks poke out as she moves, before she raises one leg up – showing us her heels. Her lips are glossed over and she looks like she’s in a playful mood! 


In the same black flowered dress, Kitana has one leg up on a shelf – showing off her amazingly toned body as she moves her shoulders and caresses her leg before slowly dancing down. We get a great glimpse of her rear as she rotates it around and flashes glimpses of it throughout the video. Hubba, hubba!

Yoga Is The Best

Sitting on her bed, this clip is filmed sideways as Kitana has her legs open. She quickly hops herself forward before lying on her back. She’s got on glasses, white stockings, white shorts, and a long blue top. Once she’s on her back she places her hands on her knees and pushes them outward before grabbing her feet and placing them around her head! Very impressive and sexy as we get a look at her bare legs and cheeks.