Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Krista Stevens

Krista Stevens is the ultimate workout badass. While her videos are fun and comical, she’s a pro at what she does and loves sharing tips and workouts with her fans. Let’s check out her latest posts:

Creating A Productive Day

The video starts out in Krista’s car, where she’s wearing a pink sweater with a voiceover of herself saying that whenever she feels super unproductive for the day, she uses the gym as an excuse to be productive. The clip then jumps to her at a gym using an ab roller. She explains it further by saying that she does whatever with no plan, and simply what she thinks might be fun at the moment. The video continues with her own funny commentary as she stretches and fools around at the gym, but eventually she ends up at home with a glass of wine. 

Bomb Insta Pic

Wearing a white sweatshirt and no makeup, Krista tells her fans it’s been awhile since she posted a bomb photo on instagram. She tells us that she’s going to do her hair and her makeup and put on a cute outfit. She the proceeds to do just that – taking us through the entire process with comical tips and explanations on how she’s getting ready. 

Ripped Thighs

In this last video, Krista really shows off her muscles in a workout compilation where she’s wearing tight brown leggings and a matching sports bra. In the first clip, she’s posing to show off her extremely ripped thighs. In the rest of the clips, we get to see her lifting large weights using her legs. The clip bounces from her lifting to her adding more weights. Let’s just say – it’s impressive and she can lift a lot!