Sun. May 28th, 2023
Krista Stevens

Krista Stevens has 1M TikTok fans, and followers love to watch her workout clips along with some of her funny sketches! In some new uploads she shares a photoshoot with her dog, a day at the gym, and a day at the beach. Let’s check her out:

A Babe And Her Dog

What’s cuter than a cute girl and her dog? Almost nothing! In a fun new video, Krista shares a video of a photoshoot that she recently did with her pup, Opal. Opal looks like a poodle (or possibly a doodle) and is wearing a pink workout headband that matches Krista’s tights and sports bra. The video is made up of several photos of the two posing and smiling together. Adorable!

Workout Motivation 

Krista shares some gym motivation where she uploads a video of herself completing an intense HIIT workout. The video begins showing Krista arriving at the gym and getting ready by quickly popping her ear buds in and checking out her strong body in the mirror. She’s got on a sports bra and purple shorts. From there, we see her in several exercises like sprints, crunches, jump squats (which are done in slow motion and it’s amazing to see her leg muscle and glutes move!), push-ups and so much more. She says she did 4 rounds of each exercise – bravo!

Beach Day 

Showing off all her gym gains, Krista looks adorable in a strapless bikini top and tiny white wrap. Once she presses play on the video she struts backward and poses to show off  her cute outfit on a sidewalk that overlooks one of Florida’s beaches. Then she turns to give us a rear view before coming to stop the video. Of course, she’s smiling and looking happy the entire time!