Sun. May 28th, 2023
Krista Stevens

While Krista Stevens loves a good sweat, she’s also pretty good at making her workout routines comical sketches. With some funny new uploads and a photo showing her fans she’s not all laughs, we hope she keeps on posting regular content. 

Sumo Squats & Shoulder Shrugs

With her hair in two high pigtails Krista’s at the gym in bright red tights and a sports bra. She slowly walks toward us while lip-syncing. The text on the video says ‘POV: Doing exercises by their literal name.’ It then shows her doing ‘preacher curls wearing a nun’s cap. After that she’s dressed in a sumo costume and does sumo squats, followed by shoulder shrugs. When it comes time to do push-ups she waves her hands in a no and walks away. 

What I Look Like When I’m Working Out

In another hilarious video, Krista wears light blue tights and a matching top as she sits on an exercise bike. The text says ‘what I l THINK I look like when I’m working out.’ The video goes on to show her looking incredible as she lifts weights and runs. Suddenly though the text reads ‘what I actually look like’ as she’s struggling to run, having difficulty lifting weights and on the bike sweating with her hair blowing all over the place. Someone’s laughing in the background and it makes all her funny faces that much better.

Showing Off Her Gains

Krista Stevens

Wearing red tights, Krista takes a break from her jokes and gives us an update on her gains. Of course, she’s pictured at the gym – taking a selfie – while pulling down her tights to show her bare hip. We can see her bikini tan line along with her ripped muscles. The caption for the photo is pretty long and she talks about how strong friendships and strong bodies go hand in hand.