Sun. May 28th, 2023
La Rolon

La Rolon is a popular Spanish speaking influencer who enjoys dancing, singing and living her life in bikinis. Como take a peak at her latest posts: 

Heart Shape Bikini

With her hair pulled back in a high pony, La Rolon’s using a TikTok filter that sparkles freckles all over her cheeks, nose and chest. She’s got on sparkly eye shadow as she lip-syncs to the song playing. Her girls are wrapped in a pink bikini top that has red hearts all over it. She looks happy as she bops around. 

What Did You Do To Me

This time with her hair down, Rolon’s got on purple eyeshadow and a red tank top with white buttons down the chest. Some of the buttons don’t quite do up – leaving her bare melons exposed. She lips to a popular regatón song that translates to ‘what did you do to me.’ 

Bikini Reveal

Hanging poolside, La Rolon smiles at the camera with big shades on. She’s wearing a black and white bikini top and unties her wrap to show off the black bottoms. Besides the triangle section that covers her girls, the bikini is basically string and we thank her for modeling it – she looks fantastic!