Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
la rolon

Giselle Gómez Rolón, popular as La Rolón, is an Argentina born model and influencer you may not have heard of.  The 34-year-old model is living proof that a perfect body can still be achieved in your 30’s.  Rocking the body of a 20-year-old, she has accumulated more than 800K followers on Instagram and over 200K on her TikTok account.  Here are some of our favorite photos and videos of La Rolón.  Enjoy!

La Rolón Is Hot And Sandy

la rolon

La Rolón is all about fitness, and it shows.  In this photo she shows off her ample buttocks, and the fact that she isn’t afraid to share it with her fans.  The happy little grains of sand cover her rear and back, as if they don’t want to let go.  Fans of La Rolón can agree that if the shoe was on the other foot, they wouldn’t let go either!

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La Rolón Drips With Sweat

In this video of La Rolón, we get a up close look of her massive chest as she works out on the treadmill.  She is definitely getting a great work out, as beads of sweat glisten on her face, working their way down between her cleavage.  Fans are sweating along right with her!

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La Rolón Fires Off Her Money Gun

There’s quite a bit of bouncing going on in this one! Wearing a tight tank top, equipped with orange money gun in hand, La Rolón is bouncing her twins up and down while firing cash into the air.

La Rolón Has That Bangin’ Beach Body

This video really shows all of La Rolón’s curves.  Wearing a super tiny red bikini, she flaunts her flawless body in front of a tranquil blue sky, and white sand beach.  As she turns to the camera toward the end of the video, we can see that her bottoms are so small they barely cover her unmentionables.

La Rolón’s Bikini Strings Wedge Their Way Into Fans’ Dreams

In this video that is much like the last, again we see the fitness of La Rolón, and just how small her attire is.  We aren’t sure which of these last two videos have a more revealing bottom, but fans agree, “who cares”!

Adult content can be viewed La Rolón’s Patreon account for a monthly fee – be sure to check it out!