Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Lali Rabbit

Beautiful Lali Rabbits is teasing her tans again in a series of new uploads where she’s showing off her amazing caboose and plump cantaloupes. Let’s check her out:

Sexy Dinosaurs Pjs 

The starts off with Lali bent over and pouting at the camera before she stands back and starts dancing. She’s wearing a cute white one-piece with purple dinosaurs on it. She’s got the top button undone so we can see her chest. As she grabs her sides and dances we see some sexy camel toe before she spins around and wags her booty furiously.  

How Much Do You Want?

Wearing a red bra and an Adidas looking skirt (black with white stripes down the side), Lali is showing off some serious caboose as the skirt is so short her buns hang out of it. She looks back at the camera and talks to a Spanish voice over that says, ‘You wanna sell?’ And Lali responds, ‘Yea, how much do you want? $300 – it’s really clean.’ She then models her booty and turns before the voiceover says ‘true, yeah, it’s in great condition!’ What a naughty girl!

Sunscreen Spread 

Wearing a teeny tiny red string bikini and standing in front of a swimming pool, Lali spreads sunscreen all over her chest. She looks amazing and we wish we could help her slather it on!