Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Lali Rabbits

Lali Rabbit has some new posts where she’s strutting her stuff in black lingerie, bobbing around to some music, and giving us a laugh with a naughty skit. Let’s check her out:

Black Lingerie 

Lali Rabbits

In a fun new photo Lali is looking at the camera with her lips parted, pulling up black fishnets paired with a black lace lingerie one piece. Her red hair is straight FIRE, and she’s painted her lips an even darker shade. There’s a Y shape strap that wraps around her chest that really makes her girls pop out. She looks fabulous!

Just The Tip

Wearing grey tights, a light pink crop top, and no bra, Lali lip-syncs and shakes her stuff to “Fergalicious”. As Fergie sings, “All the time I turn around brothas gather ’round. Always looking at me up and down looking at my (uh)”, Lali jumps as the end of the lyric making a tip joke. LOL

I Wanna Get Pregnant?

In a funny clip, Lali is wearing a white tank top and a thin black thong that sits high on her hips. She lipsyncs to audio that says ‘I hate it when a guy asks if he can use the other hole, I’m always like – no man – what do you think – I wanna get pregnant?’