Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Lali Rabbit

Lali Rabbit loves to show off her amazingly curvy figure in bras and bikinis. In some new uploads, she models her one-piece swimsuits that don’t leave a lot to the imagination (lucky us)!

Bare Cheeks 

Standing in the shallow end of a pool, wearing a black one-piece with a hole cut into it to show off her stomach, Lali turns around (showing some serious sideboob in the process) and shuffles her sassy behind. Her entire cheeks are showing since her one-piece rides high up her caboose. 

All The Bumps 

In the same one-piece, Lali starts the video off by sitting in front of the camera – showing off her twins. The black fabric barely covers her big bangers and we can see a lot of sideboob. Not to mention the booty of the suit leaves little to the imagination as it just barely covers her cha-cha. She then turns around and slowly walks away from the camera so we get to see her cheeks jiggle.  

Brazil-Style Bikini 

In the last video, Lali is wearing a similar styled one-piece as the previous videos only this time the bottom half is green and it’s got a yellow border (looks very patriotic to Brazil)! She’s slightly dancing from side to side and we can’t take our eyes off of her roundies. She then turns around and pops her bare booty out.