Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Lali Rabbit

Lali Rabbit asks fans how big they like their boobs while also posing in some revealing outfits. If you haven’t seen them already – come check out her latest posts:

Small, Medium or Large?

Lali looks amazing with her hair pulled back into a half pony and her lips painted pink. She’s wearing a purple tank top that almost looks leather. It zips up, but she chooses to keep it zipped down enough that we can see her cleavage – not to mention she must be a bit cold. She mouths to the voiceover that says (in Spanish) ‘how do you like boobs – small, medium or large?’ She then squeezes her girls together to make even more cleavage as a male voice responds ‘si’ and she looks confused. 

Small Jeans And Small Shirts 

Wearing jean shorts that are unbuttoned and a skin colored tank top (with no bra on that her puppies are falling out of), Lali lips to the song as she bites her lips and moves her hips back and forth. Her cat is behind her and her lips are painted a deep red. Hubba, hubba!

Pink Onesie 

Facing away from us, Lali is wearing a bright pink onesie that’s shiny. Her red hair is pulled up in a half pony as she plays with it before putting her hands over her rump and moving them up toward her waist. The bottom of the onesie is a thong – thus giving us a complete view of her bare bum – yum!