Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Lali Rabbit

With 75.7K followers on Instagram and 1.9M followers on TikTok, this Spanish-speaking influencer knows how to captivate her audience. In recent posts Yamila Quaglia, known online as Lali Rabbit, plays around with sunscreen, a swimming pool and even animation. 

Lali Needs Help Putting On Her Sunscreen

In this video, Lali shakes her sunscreen voraciously, trying to get it out of the bottle. Suddenly the sunscreen squirts out splattering her chest. She then smiles at the camera while she rubs it in.

Almost Falling In The Pool

Lali stands at the edge of the pool, wearing a very sexy black one piece that’s low cut in the front and rides high in the back. It looks like she tries to walk down some pool steps but slightly slips, giving us a nice view of her bottom. The video is captioned ‘me caí,’ in Spanish which translates to ‘I fell.’


Lali Becomes An Animation 

In this video, Lali is lying down in a black, two-piece bikini. She looks up at the camera and then suddenly the image transitions to an animation. In animated form, Lali looks just as amazing as always!