Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Little Curly

Paige Jee, known online as Little Curly, is an OnlyFans influencer who knows how to move. In a recent series of clips, Little Curly showcases just how well she can dance by giving fans a front-row seat to her rear wiggles.  

Booty Shaking On A Balcony  

The video starts with Little Curly pulling down her t-shirt while turning on the camera. It only lasts a second as she turns around and gives us a full view of her butt. She’s wearing a red wrap that leaves the bottom half of her cheeks fully exposed! She shakes it in circles and showcases her toned cheeks. At the end of the video, she picks up the speed a bit and really gives us a shake!

Rump Wiggling At Home

Little Curly doesn’t waste any time as she presses the record button and turns around to start shaking her rump. She moves it in quick circles up and down and then slightly twerks. She’s wearing blue biker shorts that leave her cheeks bare – so fans can get a complete view of her jiggles in motion. 

Lip-Syncing and Twerking

In this last video, wearing the same blue shorts, the video flips back and forth from Little Curly lip-syncing to her rotating peach. Her butt is so toned and fit that we imagine everyone is drooling by the end of it.