Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Lou Lou Belle

The tattooed, dirty-talking Lou Lou Belle is flirting with her audience again in a new round of TikTok videos. Showing off her juicy lips, sultry eyes and plump boobs, she hints at her dating life while shaking and twisting.

Lou Lou Likes Older Men

Wearing a light pink top that ties at her boobs and a flowery skirt, Lou Lou shakes her natural ta-tas while she shares with fans the ages of her last two dates. She holds up one hand and 47 appears on the screen and then holds up her other hand as 52 shows up. She’s dancing side to side and looking seductively at the camera. The caption reads, ‘who’s next?’

Glossy Lips

In the next video, Lou Lou’s wearing a black leather skirt with a black belly top that ties at the front. The clips starts off with a close-up of her cleavage as she shakes her boobs at the camera and pouts. She lip-syncs with attitude. Her glossy lips and bouncing boobs are to die for. 

Busty Jiggles

In the next video, Lou Lou’s wearing the same busty black outfit as the previous video only this time, after a quick boobie shake, she pulls her hair off her face, turns sideways and shakes her booty in circles. We can see the outline of her nipples through her shirt and she stares at the camera the entire time. Hubba, hubba!