Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Lou Lou Belle

Our favorite bad girl, Lou Lou Belle is showing off her curves and tats in some new revealing videos. Let’s check her out: 

Bikini Goddess

Lou Lou’s standing outside posing sideways so we can see her entire leg tattoo – that starts at the top of her hip and goes down past her knee. She’s wearing a thong bikini so we see her side booty as she promiscuously looks at us. Her coconuts are peeking out of her white bikini top showing off a lot of underboob. She then turns to face us as she lifts up her hair. Her ta-tas look even better from the front view as we can see her cleavage and chest tattoo. 

Plunging Top = Lots Of Cleavage

Wearing jeans and a red top that shows off her heavy cleavage, Lou Lou is slightly bent as she sways her ta-tas back and forth. They look creamy and soft and as she stands fully up we can see that her top has two slits under the boobs – so her girls are peeking out.  

Playing Around With Filters

Dressed in a race-car tank top and a black leather skirt, Lou Lou starts the video leaned forward (so we can see her melons wobble) and puts her tatted hand over her face quickly before removing it. She puts on a filter that leaves her eyes stunning while she stands back to model it before moving her girls forward again to give us a closer look at the filter and her ta-tas of course!