Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Lou Lou Belle

Lou Lou Belle is posting some vacation pictures, looking happy and tan! The beachy background doesn’t hurt either…If you haven’t seen them already, check out our fav tattooed bad girl!

Colorful Vibes

Hanging out at a resort Lou Lou’s got on a colorful bikini the rides high. She brushes her hair off her face, and then she goes into various modeling poses, showing off her cute colors and spicy curves. She pops her booty a few times and pouts and smiles – perfection! 

Bikini Life

This time in a white bikini top, Lou Lou’s sitting down in what looks to be a van or a car. Her one arm is up, holding her phone and showing off all her dark arm tattoos while she fixes her hair with her other hand. She squeezes her chest a few times and moves the camera around so we can see different angles. Delicious!


Lou Lou Belle

Pictured again in her blue, yellow, red and purple bikini, Lou Lou’s on the beach with her hands up over her head. She’s looking off to the side and her eyes look incredibly light blue. The pose accentuates all her best parts – wide hips, small waist, and round puppies. She captions the photo ‘anyone care to help me reach these coconuts?’