Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Olivia Dunne

Gymnastic Olivia Dunne is ready to celebrate spring break in a cute new bikini upload, as well as taking a trip down memory lane. Let’s check out her recent posts: 

Makeshift Spring Break 

Olivia Dunne

Leaning forward and kneeling on a lounge chair with her head facing off to the side, Olivia’s smiling in a pink strapless bikini. Her eyes are closed, we can tell that her hair is wet and she must have just gotten out of the pool. She’s got deep tan lines and her petite body looks bronzed as she glistens under the sun. She captions the photo ‘makeshift spring break.’

Fresh Trim Transformation

With her hair wet, Olivia’s wearing oversized glasses and a blue tank top as she brings the camera closer and further out as she lips ‘fresh trim fresh trim,’ from the father Philis song. Then in an instant, the clip and song changes and she’s all done up – make-up, hair and wearing a tube top as she continues to lip-sync.  

Make Your 3-Year-Old Self Proud  

The next video starts off with Olivia in the gym doing gymnastics with a voiceover of herself telling her back story. She starts by saying that she started gymnastics when she was just 3 years old because she really wanted a pink sparkly leotard but her mom said she couldn’t have one unless she did gymnastics. Her mom then signed her up and we get to watch baby Olivia as she twists and flips as a kid. The video then jumps to her wearing a white shirt and beige pants as she says clothes are a form of expression. She says her 3-year-old self would be proud of her back flip and hopefully of all her accomplishments.