Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Lys Correa bikini

Big-chested Lys Correa is a Colombian beauty who loves to show off her melons. Whether she’s dancing or joking around, her videos are almost always focused on her tits.

Watch Until the End 

Lys looks like she just got out of the shower. She’s holding a white towel up over her wet breasts as she jumps up and down so her boobs jiggle in all their glory. She smiles and flirts as she jumps. At the end of the video she removes the towel to reveal a sexy strapless bikini top that she’s bursting out of. What a tease! 

I Put This Boobie Up

Lys is sitting down and follows along with a voice over. She says ‘I put this boobie up,” and lifts up one of her boobs, holding it there. She then says, “I lift this boobie up,” and lifts her other boobie up (and lucky for us she’s showing a bit of unintentional bottom boob). She then says ‘And I drop, cause I don’t care’ and let’s both boobs fall. This video makes us grateful for gravity! 

Halter Top Glory 

In this video, Lys is wearing a black and white halter top. Her boobs are all oiled up and while looking at the camera she pushes them closer together – creating two giant watermelon shaped boobs. The video plays to the Windows classic startup sound – it’s very fun and creative. Good job Lys!